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4. History

Iagon was formed in 2017 on the basis that people need to be in control of their data. The idea started as an attempt at solving major issues related to how healthcare data is stored, with modern solutions severely lacking transparency for individuals, both at a national and international level. The initial ambition of Iagon was to create a secure way for individuals to hold, and thereby own their health data, and to interact more effectively with health services.

The scope of functionality and the purpose of Iagon have then evolved under the realization that not only health data can benefit from being stored by the owner in a secure and decentralized manner. Instead, this approach might prove valuable to all sorts of companies, such as corporations storing important IP documents, SMEs intending to reduce the loss-of-data risk in ransomware attacks, or organizations operating in environments that require high-level security and control over who shares what with whom.Therefore, Iagon envisioned a future in which security, compliance, and decentralization are seamlessly bridged.

Initially, the IAG token was launched as an ERC token. However, as Ethereum was still facing scaling issues, Iagon decided to deploy the protocol on the Cardano network. For more details about the history of the company, including the reasoning behind the decision to use the Cardano network, see the Cloud Computing Reinvented — A Quick Overview blog post.