The Iagon Alexandria Protocol

In the 3rd century BC, Alexandria, Egypt was home to the largest and most significant library in the world, one of the greatest libraries of the ancient world. The library of Alexandria, also known as The Royal Library of Alexandria, functioned as a major center of scholarship, where some of the most famous thinkers of the ancient world studied. It held collections of works, lecture halls and meeting rooms, which is why the library was considered as the capital of knowledge and learning. Most of the books in the library were kept as papyrus scrolls and in its best times it held from 40,000 to 400,000 scrolls. One can only imagine what kind of reputation and significance the library held among scholars and some of the greatest minds of that time. Unfortunately, the library of Alexandria burned down, resulting in the loss of thousands of scrolls and books. The damage was unrepeatable and destruction of this library has become a symbol for the loss of cultural knowledge.
Library of Alexandria has a significant meaning and it carries an important message even in today’s world and that’s the importance of security. With the overflowing data and information all around us, we must know how to protect the information we have and keep it safe. The story of Alexandria taught us a valuable lesson to never keep all of our data unsecure and centralized.
A lot of companies nowadays still store and trust their data to centralized locations, however, storing important data in a central location increases its susceptibility to breaches. Not only do centralized locations present easier access for hackers, but they are also known to abuse customers and/or rival companies' data as well. For this reason IAGON is trying to secure users data and information in the best way possible, on a decentralized platform. The advantages of a decentralized platform are that files are broken apart and spread across multiple nodes, and even if a node wants to look at your file, it is encrypted with a private key that only the file owner has.
IAGON created The Alexandria Protocol - an innovative and revolutionary «Smart Control Plane Protocol» that uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Blockchain to coordinate, optimize and control Decentralized Smart Global Computational Grid (SGCG) resources.

The Alexandria Protocol is the main layer of IAGON's underlying technology and addresses the need for a decentralized resource optimization mechanism to schedule, coordinate and allocate the decentralized peer-to-peer (P2P) grid-connected computing storage and processing resources across IAGON’s numerous blockchain-coordinated miner nodes. The IAGON Alexandria Protocol is an intelligent mechanism that manages and optimizes documents, resources, and knowledge, spread across the global decentralized computing infrastructure that preserves and secures today's human knowledge and information, enabling a truly Decentralized Sharing Economy.

Fig.Shows Alexandria protocol and P2P AI Blockchain