Executive Summary


IAGON is a platform for harnessing the storage capacities and processing power of multiple smart devices over a decentralized blockchain/tangle grid. IAGON utilizes and enables storing big data files and repositories, as well as smaller scales of files, and carries out complex computational processes, such as those needed for artificial intelligence and machine learning operations. IAGON operates a fully secure and encrypted platform that integrates Blockchain/Tangle, cryptographic and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies in a user-friendly way. We focus on delivering Decentralized Cloud Computing and Artificial Intelligence services. In order to develop the IAGON platform, we continuously use cutting edge technologies, including machine learning, big data, data mining, decentralized and distributed systems, as well as Blockchain and tangle technologies. Under IAGON’s platform you can imagine a world where anyone can profit by joining a massive processing grid. IAGON will provide a fully automated platform for carrying out the storage and processing tasks of users on the basis of unutilized storage and processing capacities that are contributed by the “miners”. The miners will be able to convert the tokens back to fiat money, to accumulate them or to pay for similar services that they need with the tokens. For each transaction, IAGON will charge 10% commission and the rest of the tokens will be transferred to the miner. This decentralized cloud platform will operate two grids, i.e. a storage grid and a processing grid. Both grids operate on a Blockchain platform powered by Machine Learning capabilities to optimize the allocation of tasks and files to miners.


IAGON is a company legally registered in Hamar, Norway and will provide its services globally.


IAGON uses the world’s leading technology for developing and establishing two online grids to connect users that demand storage capacities for Big Data and large processing capabilities for Artificial Intelligence computations. The allocation of storage space and computational tasks to miners who contribute unused storage and processing capacities will be conducted via a series of Machine Learning (ML) algorithms. The processing tasks will be largely distributed to miners on the processing grid according to the characteristics of each task and its creator (the user). The results will be stored and managed on the Blockchain and will be visible only to the user that initiated it.


IAGON aims at revolutionizing the cloud industry by providing a fully secure and decentralized cloud storage and processing platform based on the Blockchain and Tangle technologies.


User Market - IAGON’s main share of the user market consists of corporates, public institutes and SMEs that require large secure storage and processing capacities (including cloud services, database storage, historical data archiving, data analytics, batch processing, etc.). Miner Market - The major part of the miner market consists of data centers that do not fully utilize their storage and server capacities and can dedicate portions of them to IAGON’s grids.


IAGON aims at supporting the growing demand for cloud computing due to the emergence of Big Data storage and Artificial Intelligence processing by developing and providing decentralized cloud computing based on the Blockchain.


Our vision is to provide a safe and secure cloud service powered by Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain/ Tangle technologies. Our goal is achieved through the integration of information technologies across all smart devices and platforms, thus creating a seamless experience that fully serves the specific needs of its users.


  • Provision of cloud computing for processing tasks and for storage by joining the abundan computational capacities that are not used by personal smart device owners and data centers (CPU, GPU and disk space).
  • The storage and the processing will be fully protected by encryption on the Blockchain, and therefore they are 100% secure and resistant to hacking.
  • 24/7 operation of the storage grid, the processing grid and the Blockchain/Tangle.
  • Attracting large numbers of users and miners to match the demand and supply of storage and processing power.
  • Valuation of the IAGON token.
  • Harnessing together the storage capacities and processing power of multiple smart devices over a decentralized Blockchain grid.
  • Unique proprietary, secure and encrypted distributed storage solution that utilizes the Blockchain / Tangle and sharding protocols.
  • Trusted and integrated decentralized applications within a single platform that serves any type of users from Fortune 500 companies, through SMEs to daily users.
  • Miners generate revenue on our platform by sharing their smart device’s resources, including storage and computing power.
  • We use a combination of machine learning algorithms, neural networks and the Blockchain/Tangle to develop a reliable, secure and efficient platform.
  • Integrated cryptocurrency wallets help manage the transactions across different decentralized applications.


  • Platform design and architecture – September 2017 (COMPLETED)
  • Platform development kick-off – October 2017 (COMPLETED)
  • Whitepaper – November 2017 (COMPLETED)
  • Platform launch – December 2017 (COMPLETED)
  • Smart contract implementation – May 2018
  • Pre-Sale – May 2018
  • Token Sale launch – July 2018
  • Distributed storage implementation – August 2018
  • Distributed processing implementation – November 2018
  • Integrated DAPPS completion – January 2019