Leading Technology

IAGON establishes two online grids to connect users demanding storage capacities for large processing capabilities for Artificial Intelligence computations, such as Machine Learning and Deep Learning and for processing vast Big Data databases, as well as more conventional storage and processing tasks of any size (such as SQL queries). The allocation of storage space and computational tasks to miners who contribute unused storage and processing capacities will be conducted via a series of Machine Learning (ML) algorithms. The ML will assess the availability of these resources for different types of accessibility (such as 24/7 accessibility, archiving old files, etc.) and will also store and manage copies of them on different miner locations for maximal redundancy. The files will be fully encrypted, sliced and distributed to multiple locations for maximal security and anonymity of the files. Their identity and reference to the original file will be secured on the Blockchain and will be accessible only to the user that uploads the file to the grid. Similarly, processing tasks will be largely distributed to miners on the processing grid. The nature of each task, as well as its creator (the user) and its end result will be stored and managed on the blockchain and will be visible only to the user that initiates it.

Importantly: IAGON’s operations will be operated and supported by both the Ethereum Blockchain and the new and innovative Tangle technology.