Marketing Strategy

IAGON’s marketing combines the latest international advertising technologies to effectively promote its operations. The company will rely on the Internet for most of its marketing needs. The aim of IAGON’s marketing is to generate the highest levels of revenues from its network and to strengthen customer loyalty. One of the key responsibilities of the marketing team will be lead generation. The methods used for lead generation include: advertising in trade journals, IT events and conferences, telemarketing, user groups, direct mailing, targeted sales calls and customer referrals. The basic marketing activities carried out to sell the services of IAGON are listed as follows:

  • Marketing will be done mainly through the creative leadership of the CEO and Operational Director.
  • Effective and timely Customer Support is one of the best marketing tolls. The management team will go a long way toward providing a timely professional response to calls, emails and online queries.
  • IAGON also intends to work closely with marketing professionals to ensure that it is on the cutting edge of the advertising technology.
  • Cloud Computing, Big Data, Blockchain/Tangle and Artificial Intelligence are very potential markets and can be tapped with the right team of marketing personnel. The risk is only associated with available resources. Our strategy is to have maximum output from highly paid, highly focused, minimal resources.

Marketing Target

  • The target of IAGON’s marketing are the users that consist of corporates, public institutes and SMEs that require large secure storage and processing capacities, including cloud services, database storage, historical data archiving, data analytics, batch processing, etc.
  • The other target of IAGON’s marketing are the miners that consist of data centers that do not fully utilize their storage and server capacities and can dedicate portions of them to IAGON’s grids.

Content marketing

IAGON will effectively use online content tools for marketing, as its marketing team will launch integrated campaigns that not only increase engagement and generate revenue but that also leverage the products and the services that IAGON provides. The company will use message maps and one-page documents that will illustrate the most important emphasis on each given aspect of its services. The company will set the main points to support any online channel, from blog posts to videos. In addition to its main message map, IAGON will create a map before starting most of its content generation and distribution. Since these maps will reinforce the company’s core message, they are conceptual offshoots of the main visionary map that was created by its executives.

  • We will distribute digital and printed IAGON profile and leaflets to large companies and digital leaflets to SMEs to help them understand how cost effective and profitable IAGON’s platform is. We will also provide a comparison on how IAGON’s platform is better than its competitors.
  • We will target every type of user from fortune 500 companies, SMEs, to daily users and help them realize how IAGON can cut their costs through provision of a fully secure and encrypted platform using Blockchain cryptographic (eventually Tangle Technology as well) and Artificial Intelligence technologies.
  • IAGON will lead the market by offering a revolutionized cloud computing market and fix the data security issues of its customers.
  • IAGON will use user experience and design at the forefront of the customer-driven marketing campaign.

Print and Electronic media marketing

The most effective marketing channels are Internet-based. Hence, the marketing costs of advertising the company and its services will be relatively low compared to more traditional local and print media campaigns. However, we will not ignore print media marketing at all. The following include the breakdown of the company’s print media marketing strategy:

  • Newspapers and Magazines Campaign – IAGON plans to generate awareness through print media campaigns that are based on PR and media coverage. These campaigns can deliver the essence of the company plans and the benefits to potential customers.
  • Posters/brochures – Posters might be placed to the Chamber of Commerce, SME sector Associations, and other business hubs in the local market. The printed brochures and leaflets will be distributed throughout the target markets in conferences and trade shows.
  • TV Ads – IAGON will use ads on all major TV channels locally and nationwide.
  • Free Basic Study Material – The Company will provide basic study material free of cost to create awareness in the public about the services offered.

Internet Marketing Strategy

Since studies have proved that the most effective marketing channels to market the cloud computing business is Internet, we will focus on online advertising channels. The following is a breakdown of the company’s Internet marketing strategy.

  • Website Development – The website of IAGON exists and will further be developed in the first step of the Internet marketing campaign. The website will be updated regularly and provide information regarding the benefits of decentralized cloud computing services and their adoption. Additionally, the online user platform will further be expanded to include online support and interactive Q&A.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – IAGON will hire a part time SEO specialist to work on improving the visibility of the website on all major search engines, primarily on Google.
  • Marketing Communications (MARCOM) – Major efforts in addition to SEO and development of new website features and contents will be dedicated to marketing communications that include blog posts and promotion via independent professional bloggers, development of a Youtube channel, posts in social networks in IAGON’s business page and in related groups (Facebook, Linkedin, Pinterest, Google+, Twitter, Medium and Reddit) and in online mainstream and professional news sites.
  • Paid Advertisement (Google AdSense, Facebook, etc.) – Organic SEO takes longer time to show results. It could take from 3 months to as long as 6 months to promote to promote a website to Google’s first search results. Therefore, along with traditional search engine techniques, the company will use paid advertisement to rapidly gain a broad customer base. Paid advertisement on Google and Facebook will link to the company’s website on all major search results and Facebook pages.
  • YouTube Commercials – Another important channel to market the website effectively to a selected range of target audience is through YouTube commercials. The company will place properties promo videos on YouTube in a cost-effective and customer focused manner.
  • Professional Networking – IAGON would build a professional network of industry experts mainly through online efforts, such as Linkedin.
  • Blog – A dedicated blog to educate website visitors about the important information and latest happening in the area about cloud computing will be developed.

Marketing Budget

IAGON has planned to set a side adequate budget for marketing and advertising campaign. In cloud computing business marketing is very critical for its business and attracting new customers. The company will use 10% of its total gross revenue to fund its marketing campaign in FY-1, 8% in FY-2, 5% in FY-3 and in the same way 3% up to FY-5.