Personnel plan

The top management team of IAGON has extensive experience of Cloud Computing, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain/Tangle technologies. The senior management team has passion and a future vision of the cloud computing industry that will be powered by the advanced capabilities of AI and Blockchain/Tangle, thereby competing in price, efficiency of storage, processing and security of data. The management teams core strength includes its extensive understanding of decentralized storage capacities and processing power coupling multiple smart devices into a decentralized Blockchain/Tangle grid.

IAGON’s business model and strategy are based on extensive research done to determine both market viability and technical feasibility, including testing of a minimal viable product (MVP) of the users’ platform, computational grid and miners’ application. Analysis of the market was conducted especially in the following areas before launching the IAGON platform:

  • What are the potential market opportunities for IAGON’s platform?
  • What type of competition exists in the target market?
  • What type of service has higher potential of return?
  • Can the targeted market support the business?
  • What types of customers will the business attract?
  • What are the rules and government legislations for operating this business from Norway?
  • How much funding is needed in startup and then to expand this business?

Organisation Organogram

To carry out the IAGON mission, its organizational strategic team would be divided into six sections. The core team will be expert on Cloud Computing, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain/Tangle Technology, with many years of experience. Our organizational structure is similar to that of any other high-profile IT companies. The initial management team consists of 3 founders and 14 team members, as the business continues to grow, the company will hire more experts. Following is the planned organogram of the overall management team structure.