Silent Features of Iagon Services

  • IAGON provides cloud computing services for processing tasks and for storage by joining the abundant computational capacities that are not used by personal smart device owners and data centers (CPU, GPU and disk space) in a decentralized manner.
  • 100% Secure Storage and processing of computational tasks, fully protected by encryption on the Blockchain, and therefore files stored via the Smart Computational Grid (SCG) are 100% secure and fully resistant to hacking.
  • 24/7 operation of the storage grid, processing grid and the Blockchain/Tangle are guaranteed by our platform. The decentralized nature of our Blockchain-based services ensures 100% availability of the stored files, without any “blackouts” (technical failures preventing access to files) that often happen in other centralized cloud platforms by applying Machine Learning techniques and predictive analytics for forecasting and preventing these events.
  • Storage and processing power are provided with minimal operation and energy costs by attracting large numbers of users and miners to match their demand and supply of storage and processing power.
  • Storage capacities and processing power link multiple smart devices over a decentralized Blockchain/ Tangle grid. The platform forms a fully secure computational “power grid” that links between the smart devices and servers of miners and users for data transfers, storage and processing.
  • Valuation of the IAGON token.
  • Unique proprietary, secure and encrypted distributed storage and processing solution utilized the Blockchain/Tangle and file sharing protocols.
  • Support for both CPU and GPU based processing, essential for AI and advanced Machine Learning tasks, such as the operation of complex Artificial Neural Networks and Deep Learning, as well as supporting more conventional data mining techniques.
  • User Friendly Platform for trusted operations of decentralized applications on a single platform for every type of users - from Fortune 500 companies and SMEs to daily users.
  • Miners that are connected to our platform can generate substantial static streams of revenue sharing free storage and computing power of their smart devices and servers.
  • The combination of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence algorithms, neural networks and the Blockchain/Tangle used to optimize the allocation of stored files and processing tasks to miners connected to our Smart Computational Grid (SCG) provides a reliable, secure and fully accessible platform.
  • Integrated cryptocurrency online wallets assist in managing transactions across different decentralized applications.

IAGON will provide an automated platform for carrying out the storage and processing tasks of users on the basis of unutilized storage and processing capacities that are contributed by the miners. Users willing to carry out storage and processing tasks will purchase IAGON tokens (traded via cryptocurrency exchanges) and will use them to pay the miners for the services that they consume. The miners will be able to convert the tokens back to fiat money, to accumulate them or to pay for similar services that they need with the tokens. For each transaction, IAGON will charge 10% commission in IAGON tokens to support its operations and its ongoing R&D efforts. The rest of the tokens (90%) will be transferred to the miners and distributed between them due to the amount of their resources that serves the user’s operations. This decentralized cloud platform will operate two grids: a storage grid and a processing grid, both run on a Blockchain/Tangle platform powered by Machine Learning capabilities to optimize the allocation of tasks and files to miners. In addition to operating the grids and the Blockchain, IAGON will conduct research and development in the fields of Blockchain/Tangle technologies, security, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence to continuously learn from its Blockchain/Tangle operations and improve the performance of its grids and the allocation of storage and processing tasks to miners.