Who is Iagon

IAGON is the first company addressing the real need for decentralized cloud computing and storage services at low cost (<80% of AWS Amazon cloud services) for the emerging AI centralized services and applications. IAGON creates an AI decentralized architecture that Manages and optimizes spare/idle distributed computing power and storage around the world, creating a truly decentralized Global Smart Computing Network (CSCN).

IAGON is based on an AI, Blockchain-Enabled, Decentralized Platform, named the "Alexandria Protocol", which is an AI, decentralized smart computing resource optimization and management layer that coordinates computing resources between providers (miners) and users (customers), creating a dynamic marketplace.

Technology Description

IAGON is building the first decentralized AI Blockchain-enabled smart computing grid technology platform (Alexandria Protocol).This AI platform will schedule, allocate and optimize decentralized, idle computing processing tasks and storage, using participant miner's under-utilized smart device (including data centers, PCs, smart phones, gaming systems… etc.) resources to provide customers with a unique and innovative low-cost and high-performance solution to their web-centric and decentralized applications (DApps). IAGON fully secures stored files by utilizing a military grade encryption layer that utilizes sharding techniques and is organized by AI and Blockchain. A new consensus mechanism known as "Proof-of Utilitarian Work" (PoUW), promotes decentralized cloud services, where multiple grid miners are rewarded by conducting decentralized parallel computing tasks and storing user's files.

Key Features and Capability

  • The Alexandria Protocol uses AI techniques for continuous analysis of the distributed computing performance parameters of miners and optimum resource allocation of peer-to-peer (P2P) Blockchain/DLT networks.
  • IAGON’s platform is fully decentralized and secure since it runs on Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT) - there is no single point of failure or possibility of hacker attack. I
  • IAGON uses the Proof-of-Utilitarian Work (PoUW),where the Iagon miner nodes need to proof the usage of their spare resources with meaningful computational work (CPU cycles and computer storage), beyond Bitcoin's Proof-of-Work (PoW), where computing power and energy are wasted without any real utility application.
  • IAGON can work and partner with any decentralized computing processing and storage player - it can partner and complement other decentralized Internet infrastructure solutions, enabling a shared Internet economy
  • IAGON’s Alexandria Protocol is technology-agnostic and can work with any underlying Blockchain/DLT platform (e.g. Ethereum, Tangle IOTA, EOS, etc)
  • All customer files are highly secured, using Hash cryptographic trees, fragmented using sharding techniques, copied for redundancy, and distributed among several P2P miner nodes
  • IAGON will partner with data centers, distributed cloud storages and others to increase IAGON’s miners global presence. Currently Iagon has closed agreements with Oracle, Ties.DB and HP Cloud28+ as strategic partners.