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Website Structure Update

👋 Hi there! Welcome to IAGON Documentation 📚

Thank you for visiting us. If you're looking for our website pages, please note that we've updated our website structure. Below are the new links:

PageUpdated URLDescriptionStatus
HomeHomeWelcome to IAGON Hub🏠 Active
OverviewOverviewIAGON Insightℹī¸ Active
IAGON StorageIAGON StorageStorage Vault🛍ī¸ Active
IAGON ComputeIAGON ComputeProcessing Power🛠ī¸ Active
Provide ResourcesProvide ResourcesProviders Hub🛍ī¸ Active
IAGON TokenIAGON TokenTokenomics📰 Active
Developers GuideDevelopers GuideDevelopment ToolkitđŸ’ŧ Active
EquinixEquinix SetupEquinix World🛍ī¸ Active

Please note that these changes have been made to improve navigation and enhance user experience. Thank you for your understanding.