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IAG serves as the native token for the Iagon protocol, operating on the Cardano blockchain. This capped-supply token has a total circulating supply of 1 billion. Following our migration to Cardano, the IAG tokens hold value exclusively within the Cardano network. As a result, we have discontinued the utilization of our ERC-20 tokens, as they no longer possess any functionality

  • $IAG token policy ID (CNT) - 5d16cc1a177b5d9ba9cfa9793b07e60f1fb70fea1f8aef064415d114 (Cardanoscan)
  • The presale has four rounds: Seed, Strategic, Private Sale and Public Sale
  • Total fixed supply: 1 000 000 000 tokens
  • Funds raised: $3.6 million

IAG Tokenomics Transparency

We have collaborated with ADA handle to enhance transparency and accountability with allocated specific wallets for our $IAG tokens based on their designated purposes.

This arrangement enables you to easily track all token movements on the blockchain, ensuring accurate and real-time information for our users. We strongly believe that transparency is vital in establishing trust and credibility, and we are dedicated to equipping our users with the necessary information to make informed decisions.

These tokens are, and will continue to be, controlled by the Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). This is a key aspect of our commitment to a decentralized model of operation. It's important to clarify that these tokens are not owned by any company. The DAO, representing the community of token holders, exercises collective decision-making power over the tokens.

⭐️ Community Incentives - 461mln $IAG ($iagon.incentives) This wallet is for the community. In our strategic planning, we also have allocated specific portions of our funds to vital growth areas within our community.

  • 60 million $IAG is earmarked for our referral program to involve our community, a testament to our belief in the power of community-driven expansion.
  • 30 million has been dedicated to the LSPO (Liquidity Stake Pool Offering) within our Resource Providers Rewards Program, affirming our commitment to enhancing liquidity. This allocation will have 12 months of vesting starting April 2024.
  • 100 million tokens allocated for storage providers' staking rewards, set to be distributed over a period of 15 years. Rewards become claimable after 73 epochs of dedicated staking, ensuring a sustained commitment aligns with deserved benefits.
  • 20 million tokens are earmarked for our innovative 'Storage Provider Hives'. More details will be unveiled soon!
  • the remaining 251 million tokens, they're far from forgotten. These are strategically reserved for future programs like decentralized compute that we'll introduce as our platform evolves. This reserve underscores our commitment to agility and innovation, ensuring we're always ready to harness fresh opportunities for community enrichment and engagement.

⭐️ Development - 112mln $IAG ($ The main purpose of this wallet is seamless, ongoing project development, ensuring that every avenue is explored for project success. In alignment with our $850k annual expenses, we plan to convert monthly distributions into fiat, with the linear monthly distribution, starting from October 2023

From March 2024, we will allocate 500k IAG Tokens each month for ERC20 CNT token swap from this allocation

⭐️ Marketing & Advisors ($ This fund, dedicated to marketing and engaging industry advisors, is unlocked and available for ad hoc use, focusing on enhancing product development and reach. Our approach, underlining transparency and efficacy, aims to effectively promote our product. Portions of these funds have already been allocated for advisor engagement and collaborative promotional airdrops with partners.

Decisions on fund usage are made with our project's growth and community trust as guiding principles.

⭐️ Team - 85mln $IAG ($ This amount is locked until October 2025, after which, it will be distributed over a 6-month period. Our team believes in a long-term commitment to this journey.

⭐️ Liquidity & Tokens for ERC20 Swap ($iagon.liquidity & $iagon) A specific wallet that is dedicated to liquidity allocation and a batch of tokens reserved for ERC20 token swap transactions. This process is still ongoing and has yet to be completed.

Also, it’s important to note that all other amounts of tokens are on the free market, meaning that they are available for trading and exchange. Additionally, any transaction related to these tokens can be easily tracked and verified using the Cardano explorer.

You are welcome to track the IAG token on Coinmarketcap or Coingecko.

Coinmarket Cap

IAG Token Utility Model

The IAG Token operates as a multifaceted utility token within the Iagon ecosystem, serving as a component for payment and rewards. Its primary purpose is to facilitate transactions on Iagon's cloud platform, offering access to data storage and processing capabilities. Here's an overview of the IAG Token's utility model:

  • Staking Rewards: IAG holders have the opportunity to stake their tokens in Adagio's ADA staking pool, earning additional rewards. For comprehensive information about these rewards, refer to the Rewards section.
  • Incentivizing Storage/Compute Providers: A designated portion of IAG tokens is allocated as incentives for storage/compute providers.
  • Funding Development and Operations: The Iagon ecosystem is supported through transaction fees from the storage marketplace. These funds are utilized for the continued development of Iagon, covering operational expenses.
  • Payment and Reward Mechanism: IAG tokens are issued to act as a primary medium for payment and rewards on the platform. They are awarded to participants contributing storage and processing power.
  • Utility on Cloud Platform: The token is designed to be used specifically on the Iagon cloud platform, facilitating payment for storage services. These services are priced against fiat currencies (e.g., NOK or EUR), with an established exchange rate for IAG tokens, ensuring a stable utility value. The payment in IAG will be facilitated at a later time.
  • Facilitating Platform Transactions: Iagon functions as an intermediary, bridging the gap between nodes (providing storage/compute resources) and users.
  • Non-Speculative Nature: Given its defined role and purpose on the cloud platform, the IAG token is designed to be non-volatile and is not intended as a speculative financial instrument.

Through these functionalities, the IAG Token stands as a cornerstone in the Iagon protocol, driving the ecosystem's growth while providing tangible utility to its holders. Please also refer to and for further information.