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This documentation offers a comprehensive overview of Statur, also known as the Self-Sovereign Pseudonymous Reputational Model, and its components, which include Non-Transferable (Soulbound) Tokens and Dynamic Content NFTs.

The self-sovereign pseudonymous reputational model is a revolutionary solution that allows projects to gather, utilize, and disseminate information about their pseudonymous users, while preserving user data sovereignty. This concept employs two cutting-edge technologies: non-transferable (soulbound) tokens and dynamic content NFTs.

Non-Transferable (Soulbound) Tokens

Soulbound tokens are unique assets that are non-transferable, opening up a broad spectrum of applications. These tokens facilitate the recording of a 'soul point' on a user's wallet, which can either be endorsed or rejected by the user.

Soulbound Token Flow

  1. A Cardano-based project records a soul point on a user’s wallet.
  2. A “basic” soul point is stored on-chain as a UTXO containing pertinent data.
  3. The user can endorse the basic soul point or reject it.
  4. If the user opts to discard the soul point, it is effectively removed from the chain.
  5. If the user accepts the soul point, it is assigned a new “endorsed” signature.
  6. The user retains the ability to reconsider at any moment and burn the soul point.

Dynamic Content NFTs

NFTs are typically used to hold unique, static information on-chain. However, the capacity to dynamically update this data off-chain, without compromising the essential decentralization aspect, is highly desirable.

With our unique decentralized data storage network solution, an NFT can serve as a pointer to a file. The contents of this file are subject to change by users who hold certain access rights.

Reputational Model

By integrating the EUXTO model with our decentralized storage mechanisms, we can accumulate reputational information about a user's wallet and store it on our decentralized storage network. The on-chain file index tied to a user's wallet functions as a pointer to data that projects dynamically update with information concerning the user's participation/behavior.