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Q. Can I unstake my IAG and stake it for a different node?

When a node operator wishes to unstake their IAG they are subject to a 3-month lock-up period. This period is used to safeguard the network from abrupt token removal which could disrupt file availability. 3-month after initiating the unstake process, node operators are free to move around their tokens as they please.

Q. Can I still stake my IAG if I don’t have plans to run a node myself?

In Q1 2024, we plan to launch NFT contracts that will allow users to delegate their IAG to a node operator and qualify for rewards even if they don’t plan to launch their own node.

Q. Can I add additional storage allocation to my node after it goes live?

As of now, we have not implemented the ability to modify a node after it has been launched but this is something we are working to add.

Q. When should I use the CLI version of the node application over the GUI version?

Users have the flexibility to choose between the CLI and GUI versions based on their preferences. GUI version is targeted for those who prefer a visual interface, and CLI version for those who prefer command-line interaction. It's important to note that the software functions identically in both versions. There are no other specific reasons for choosing one over the other. This dual approach was designed to cater to the diverse preferences of users, ensuring a seamless experience for both types of users.