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Moving Devices (Recover Shards)

This feature enables users to seamlessly transfer or migrate their shards to new nodes, particularly useful when encountering issues like corrupted files on their existing nodes.


  • Auth-Key: The auth-key of the node from which shards are to be recovered. Without this key, moving the node is not possible.
  • Node Migration: If migrating due to hardware failure, the new node's commitment and specifications should match those of the old node.


  • Shard Recovery: Recovers shards on the node in case of accidental deletion or hardware failure.
  • Recovery Time: Full shard recovery may take hours or days.
  • Reputation Impact: Frequent restorations may result in reduced reputation or reputation slash.

Steps to move devices

Accessing Move Nodes Option

  • Open the Provider application and navigate to the Nodes dashboard.
  • Next to the status section, we'll find a colon option. Click on it to reveal the "Move nodes" option.


Inserting Auth Key

  • After selecting "Move nodes," a dialogue box prompting us to insert the auth key will appear.
  • Enter the auth key and click on the "Begin" button to initiate the shard moving process, as shown in the screenshot.

The changes will be reflected within hours or days.


Resizing Devices

Once a storage provider stakes IAG equivalent to their initial storage offering, they have the option to increase the storage capacity they provide. However, this resizing can only occur before they retire(delete) the storage node. When resizing, the provider must sign and submit a new transaction to the network. This transaction includes an additional stake equivalent to the amount of storage being added, based on the current IAG prices.


  1. The storage updated should be greater than the provided storage.
  2. The node must be online during the resizing of the device

If the resizing is to be done by changing the storage hardware device, the storage node app has to be installed on the new device, using the same auth-key of the node. In such case, the shards on the node will be recovered gradually.