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When using Iagon, you'll encounter two types of fees:

Transaction fee

  • This is a computational fee paid in Ada, covering the costs associated with processing transactions on the Cardano blockchain. For detailed information, please refer to the Cardano fee structure provided in the Cardano documentation.

Marketplace transaction free

  • A commission fee is applied to each transaction within the marketplace. This fee is divided between Adagio and IAG stakers. More information can be found in the Tokenomics section.

Storage Subscription Fees

  • Details about storage subscription fees can be found on Fees

Fees Calendar

Fees collected from subscriptions of each month are distributed at the beginning of next month.

To calculate fees and rewards, node performance metrics calculations are used.

Fees Allocation

By fees, we mean total Ada collected from the subscription for the month. If the users have subscribed for a year, calculation takes into only one month fee to distribute for the month. Fees distribution will start from 1st week of Feb, 2024 and will be done every month.

The fees thus collected is delegated to IAGL1 pool now. The rewards earned from there is minimal now and the plan is to distribute the delegation rewards 50% each to iagon and node operators. For now, it’s planned yearly.

90% of the total fees collected are distributed to node providers. These will be claimable on node providers dashboard beginning of each month.

Remaining 7% of the fees goes to treasury and 3% will be used to buyback $IAG.